May 6, 2006

Homecoming for Troops

Over 200 troops returned to our community from Iraq two days ago. They served in the heart of the action in Bagdad and Falujah. Organizers planned a welcome-home parade for that morning. I chose not to go because I was tired and the events were to be covered on local radio. Very bad decision.

The celebration proved to be the most exciting community event in many, many years. Most of those who attended shed tears and felt a part of something very special. It's no surprise. There is something spiritual about a community gathering together to celebrate. We've lost so much sense of community in this country. We're in dire need of things that bring us together in meaningful ritual.

This particular celebration was all about surviving the bitter and the savoring the sweet together. It was so much more than a welcome home. It was life at its bitter sweetest.

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