October 1, 2006

Bush Administration Relies on Giant Rip Van Winkle

My hair stylist and I often discuss politics while I'm in her chair. She was a source of wisdom this past week when I expressed my frustration by saying, "When are people going to WAKE UP?!" Her simple answer: Never. She's right. I guess it's foolish of me to keep asking and to keep expecting more from our citizens. But our democracy is going to hell in a handbasket because of an uneducated, uninformed populace and a grave leadership crisis.

Those who'd been paying close attention laughed out loud when the Bush Administration made the absurd suggestion that Saddam Hussein had any connection to 9-11. But it was not funny when the notion was supported by most citizens. Even the members of Congress were persuaded to support the invasion of Iraq. And now, five years later, we're in one hell of a mess, Osama Bin Laden continues to plan our demise, and terrorist groups are sprouting like weeds.

President Bush appears to be a naive ideologue, while many in his administration are blinded by arrogance. At a time when we needed leadership and realistic pragmatism as much as we have ever needed it, we got arrogance, ignorance, and blind ambition. And, given how the war is being prosecuted, they apparently haven't learned a damn thing in five years. Sadly, they don't believe they need need to learn anything. That was the very mistake they made in August of 2001 when they ignored the Presidential Daily Bulletin entitled, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the United States."

Some citizens have realized the mess we're in and are changing their minds about supporting the war in Iraq. Please, people, wake up--those of you who can. Our safety and the future of our country depend on it. We need leaders who will take terrorism seriously rather than pursuing their own foolish, misguided agenda.

Impeachment would be highly appropriate.

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Manymeez said...

I agree 100%. It is amazing the atrocities our politicians can perform, and then turn it around to be something totally different. The really sad part is that for the most part, the American people as a whole buy into it. We reinforce and reward their behavior by believing and re-electing them. Why should they change, when what they're doing is working for them? Change will come when we, Americans force the issue.

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