November 17, 2006

Believing is Seeing....Condoleeza Rice

When I hear the words "Condi for President" or "Rice in 2008," my throat constricts and I feel a bit nauseous. Are these people serious? OMG. I guess they are the same people for whom believing is seeing, whose "reality" is entirely subjective. (Of course no one would take seriously a Presidential Daily Briefing titled, "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S." What's wrong with you unreasonable, irrational, unpatriotic people?)

Take a look at this excerpt from a very revealing article at

In a forum organized by the Council on Foreign Relations at the Republican National Convention in August 2000, Rice was quizzed by an unidentified person on how a Bush Administration would deal with Iraq....
Rice was adamant that Hussein's days were numbered, especially if a reason to topple him militarily arose. "The containment of Iraq should be aimed ultimately at regime change because as long as Saddam is there no one in the region is safe -- most especially his own people. There are three elements to this policy: one is to try to strengthen the coalition of states that support the sanctions regime; the second is to give better support to opposition forces in accordance with the Iraqi Liberation Act; the third is that is if Saddam gives you a reason to use force against him, then use decisive force, not just a pinprick. And in the long run, you should succeed in creating a Saddam-free Iraq," she said.

Here are a couple of other worthwhile commentaries on Secretary Rice:

Foreign Policy 101 ( "bio"

Sheesh....these people have to stop pushing my hot buttons. I have many topics to write about besides politics, but I can't seem to get to them!

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