November 20, 2006

My Botticelli Baby

Time for a break from politics and controversy . . . .

I hate to clean house. Ugh. Because we have dogs, we have very little carpeting and lots of hairy dust bunnies on the tile and wood floors. Every three days, those floors need to be cleaned a g a i n. For years, I'd been spending a lot of effort trying to clean the floors with straw brooms, electric brooms, and a cheap vacuum from Target. One day a couple of months ago, I got fed up. Surely there was a better way???

After a little research, I decided to invest in a good canister vac. I went to an actual vacuum store and talked to a vacuum expert. Right then and there I purchased a new Italian vacuum, a Botticelli, which only recently became available in the US. I got the least expensive one, but it's ten times more effective, quiet, clean, and easy to use than any of the cheap machines I'd always purchased. It must be the best $279 I ever spent. I'm amazed every time I use it. Thank you, Mr. Botticelli!

By the way, don't ever buy a bagless. Nasty!

Check out vacuums by Botticelli.

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