November 10, 2006

A New Perspective on the Bush Administration

A friend sent me the link to a great post-election (2006) article by Tom Engelhardt, Outlaw Empire Meets the Wave, that has given me a different perspective the Bush administration. Until now, my thoughts about G. W. Bush were captured in a Cafepress bumper sticker: "Drunken Frat Boy Drives Country Into Ditch." I thought of Bush as motivated by ignorance and a narrow-minded political/religious ideology. I've been filled with anger and alarm at what he and the GOP have been doing to this country. In fact, I've always been a staunch proponent of gun control, but in the last few years, I gained an appreciation for the idea of the 2nd Amendment as protection against an outlaw government. I no could longer trust that Americans were safe from their own government.

While I believe there is a lot of truth to all of that, Engelhardt's article has given me a broader view. As I read through it, I began to picture Bush, Cheney, and their posse as motivated toward a 'ginormous' hostile corporate takeover of Planet Earth. That's it. That's the mindset. It's all about blind Corporatocracy. Duh! How could I have missed it? The MBA and CEO....running the country like their own private corporation. OMG. How about we never again elect corporate business people to run a D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y? Anyone who has ever worked in the corporate world understands that corporations don't know democracy.

Thank GOD the citizens of this country still care about democracy. "Corporation" and "democracy" are mutually exclusive concepts, and anyone leading a democracy must be dedicated to the principles of democracy.

For another eye opener, check out Neofeudalism on Wikipedia.

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