November 6, 2006

The Rev. Haggard Story

Wow.... There's a guy in pain. Rev. Haggard must have a lot of self-hate to place himself in the position of a powerful evangelical minister, trying in desperation to deny that he is gay, declaring that homosexuality is sinful, denouncing his own feelings as evil. So, he turns in secrecy to a prostitute. It's easy to believe that he also may have indulged in the drugs to ease his anguish. I can't help but feel compassion for him, even though in his denial and self-delusion, he spread his pain to many, many people. He needs a great deal of help, and I hope he can allow himself reach out to those who can help him find healing and acceptance.


CawfeeGuy said...

i hope he's shunned and vilified by his community and winds up alone and broken...but that's just me :)

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Based on this and your other posts, I conclude you are a Leftist who buys the "party" line 100 percent. Are you even capable of independent thinking? What's the point of being you if you never know who YOU really are and what YOU really believe, if you just swallow what every Leftist toady accepts and repeats without ever checking opinions that differ from those of the unthinking Left? Have a nice day.

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