January 8, 2007

Must-See TV

A few weeks ago, I recorded a program that captured my curiosity: Frontline: The Dark Side. I finally watched it this morning. It's the best documentary I've seen on how 9/11 led to the War in Iraq. It confirms most of what I've believed about the politics behind the scene. The program places the Iraq war squarely on Cheney-Rumsfeld, with support from their old chum, Paul Wolfowicz, all principals in the Project for a New American Century (although their names no longer appear on the Web site). I was surprised to learn, however, that G. Bush initially stood up against the Cheney-Rumsfeld alliance and supported taking military action against the Taliban rather than proceeding directly into Iraq.

There is no doubt that key players leading us into war with Iraq are guilty of treason. Others are guilty of incompetence and failure to execute their responsibilities. It is Worse Than Watergate. Are they going to get away with it and live on their fat pensions for the rest of their lives? Does anyone have the cajones to call them into account? Time will tell.

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