April 8, 2008

Where's The Long Overdue Outrage?

Americans: why aren't you taking to the streets?

Whereas Iraqi officials estimated $35 billion in oil revenue last fall, Bowen said the final number is likely to be closer to $60 billion.

Sens. Carl Levin, D-Mich., and John Warner, R-Va., have called for an investigation into Iraq's handling of the money. While Iraq pays for fuel for its own troops, it relies heavily on U.S. dollars to provide citizens with basic services, including more than $45 billion for reconstruction.

"We believe that it has been overwhelmingly U.S. taxpayer money that has funded Iraq reconstruction over the last five years, despite Iraq earning billions of dollars in oil revenue over that time period that have ended up in non-Iraqi banks," Levin and Warner wrote in a letter to the head of the Government Accountability Office. - AP Story of April 2, 2998

The American public has been sold the biggest damn bill of goods in the history of mankind. And where's the media? Today's big story is the billion dollar windfall oil profits currently enjoyed by the Iraqi government while the *&%%$# Bush regime is bankrupting this country with the billions we are sending to Iraq, and the rising cost of gas and groceries is sorely taxing the budgets of many US taxpayers. As I said in an earlier post, there is nothing--nothing!--terrorists could do to us that is so devastating as what we are doing to ourselves.

And make no mistake: Osama and his generals are smart; they understand exactly what is happening to this country. Bush is doing Bin Laden's dirty work while Bin Laden chills in Pakistan, watching with smug satisfaction.

So, what the hell is wrong with us? If we are this stupid and complacent, could we be getting the kind of "homeland" we deserve?

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