August 26, 2008

Convention Week: Raves and Rants


No, it wasn't a great speech, but it was a great moment in history, owned by a woman who exemplifies everything that is great about this country and the human spirit. She is truly a role model. I got choked up when I saw Michelle Obama's mother in the audience. How proud she must be of her beautiful, wise, and accomplished daughter.

I've seen and heard some of the unconscionable trash about Michelle Obama that is coming from the right, and I've remained silent. No more! I'm not going to let it pass unanswered; it's an injustice toward a good woman who has earned her way in this life. Common decency requires that she be given a basic level of respect.

In response to an offensive email I saw that slandered Michelle Obama and praised Cindy McCain, I'd like to simply say this: Michelle is a highly successful woman from an ordinary American family. She did not inherit wealth, and the financial success she enjoys did not come through any manner of exploitation. Michelle Obama does not sell beer.


Yes, stupid is as stupid does. Bill Maher commented Monday on the current state of politics in the US: "Americans are stupid and they get the leaders they deserve." Let's hope and pray that changes. Of course, one big reason that Americans are so damn stupid is that most of corporate media has abdicated its role as a guardian of the public trust in favor of corporate profits and political self-interest. (I urge you to visit


The talking heads are saying that some people resent Michelle and Barak Obama's success. They claim that some Americans are asking, "How did they get into Harvard and Princeton? It must have been affirmative action."

What the ????!! Geez, people! It's rather obvious how they got in: they're extremely bright and capable people--exactly the kind of people who should get into Harvard and Princeton.

John McCain got into the military academy despite poor grades because his father was an Admiral. And how did George W. Bush get into Yale?? Affirmative action??! (See CNN commentary on the Bush brand of affirmative action.) The man should have a job that is better suited to his abilities, and he should ride there every day in a short bus. Privilege has its privileges, and they are not earned.

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angels mom said...

Michelle's speech made me cry--it was so touching and hopeful. I haven't had reason to hope in the past 8 years. We need people like Barack and Michelle. The families of the Obama's have reason to be proud. Way to go to Hillary too. She ran a good race -- she will make a great president in 2016. Please let's hope "stupid" doesn't win in November. Haven't we seen enough of THAT these past 8 years. Please voters don't cave to the same old fears/smears rhetoric that is coming from the McCain backers. Lets get our USA back on its feet again.

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