September 12, 2008

Obesity: Isn't It Time For Some Facts?

Journals published by Nature hold a vast wealth of information on the latest research in the physical sciences, particularly biology and medicine. The online site for Nature also has free informative videos. Today, I discovered yet another interesting tidbit on the topic of obesity. I already know that appetite is governed by hormones. I've just begun to learn about the central role of gut ecology in entire bodily systems, from nutrient absorption to neurotransmitters and beyond. A new video from Nature discusses the role of intestinal bacteria in obesity:
Video: Human Gut Microbes
Hear scientists explain how our gut flora are involved in how we regulate body weight and may even be a factor in the obesity epidemic. . . .
-From Nature online at
The video highlights individual differences in gut flora and the capacity for the body to create fat tissue. We are not all alike; as individuals, we are not living, breathing manifestations of clinical averages. To think we are all replicates from a standardized template--and that what is true for you must also be true for me--is sadly and profoundly ignorant.

On a related note, I can't resist pointing out once again that John McCain's plan for dealing with the childhood obesity epidemic is to send athletes to schools to give presentations. Dear John: If you don't have a freaking clue about the problem, don't try to devise a plan to fix it. You're simply confusing the issue and compounding the problem.

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Obesity is a social epidemic. Any action to curb is welcome.

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