October 22, 2008

It's Oct. 22; Do You Know Where Your Democracy Is? Protect Your Right to Vote.

Today, a woman from Code Pink was removed from the Mortgage Bankers Association annual convention after she attempted to handcuff guest speaker Karl Rove for the crime of treason. (Video from IReport.) An anchor woman for a major cable news network called the woman's actions "crazy." IMHO, it's far from crazy; it may be the sanest thing I've heard on the news lately.

Speaking of Karl Rove and his influence on our democracy, the Ohio Secretary of State has received death threats for protecting voters' rights as Republicans and their right-wing extremist supporters pull out all the stops in their ongoing attempt to rob citizens of the right to vote.
No matter where you live, your vote may be in jeopardy. According to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., co-author of STEAL BACK YOUR VOTE, the following seven steps can help you protect your vote:
  1. Make sure you are registered to vote. A law sponsored by the Bush Administration (Karl Rove, in particular) has resulted in mass purging of previous voter registrations.
  2. Do not mail in your vote; vote in person.
  3. Vote early so you have time to resolve any challenges to your vote.
  4. If your right to vote is challenged, do not accept a provisional ballot. Provisional ballots are most often discarded.
  5. Make sure you have a valid photo ID and take it with you to the polls.
  6. Volunteer to register voters and to help get voters to the polls.
  7. After the election, support efforts to hold the government accountable and make sure the votes are counted.
The following is an informative and very well-done video by investigative journalist Greg Palast. It's about 15 minutes long and includes an interview with former US Attorney David Iglesias who was fired in one of the politically motivated dismissals for which the Bush Administration is under investigation.

Steal Back Your Vote!
from Greg Palast on Vimeo.

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jaxx said...

i was totally in AWE of the code pink woman who tried to make the citizens arrest -- i agree that it's one of the saner acts on the news lately.

this is a very helpful post, and i'm glad to see your voice alongside all the other (sane) voices urging everyone to vote and to be careful about PROTECTING our votes. a shame things have come to this...but at least we're speaking out and fighting back.

btw, i tried to email you to thank you for a recent comment that you left on getangrywithme.com, but the email address bounced back as undeliverable. just letting you know in case there's some kind of a snag you might not be aware of.

have a great day!

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