October 3, 2008

"May I Call You Joe?" **wink**wink**

Some folks are gushing over the sincerity and warmth of Gov. Palin as she shook Sen. Biden's hand before Thursday night's debate and asked if she might call him "Joe." It seemed odd to me, especially since she proceeded to address him as "Sen. Biden" during the debate. Did she ever use the name "Joe"? Yes, she did--only when she used the well-rehearsed zingers, "There you go again, Joe, looking back to history," and, "Say it ain't so, Joe." So much for sincerity.

Not to be overly dramatic, but her platitudes--alternating between good-ol'-girl saccharin and bad-ass patriotism--left me queasy because they are manipulative. How long can democracy survive in a world where people are so poorly informed and so easily manipulated? I wish McCain and Palin would level with is, give us some substantive and truthful answers, but that might be political suicide. Why risk it, when platitudes and emotional ploys work so well?

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