November 6, 2008

Hard Times: Emergency Aid for Vet Care

Things are tough and getting tougher. Many people are living on the edge with no funds for unexpected expenses. Money for the necessary expenses--food, gas, utilities--doesn't go far enough, despite constant efforts to cut back and cut down. Decisions to seek medical care are weighed carefully, and all too often care is postponed or dismissed altogether as completely unaffordable. Each and every expenditure involves a hard choice.

All of this belt tightening is having an impact on our ability to care for pets. People are adopting fewer pets, and those with pets are cutting back on pet care. I've cut back on optional medical expenses for myself and for my dogs. Fortunately, my girls have been healthy and safe. But what happens when your dog or cat has a medical emergency and you have no money to pay for care? Thankfully, Dr. Lucy Pinkston Schroth, a small animal veterinarian, has established the Veterinary Emergency Funding Mission (VEFM) to help pet owners locate funding for medical emergencies.

The VEFM is still in development with a target starting date of January 2009. Dr. Schroth's VEFM blog provides all the details on its current status and how you can help in this wonderful and much-needed endeavor.

Two spoiled hounds: Katie and Samantha

Note: Since most of my posts are political in nature, I feel the need to separate my endorsement for VEFM from all things political. When it comes to helping hurting animals, animal lovers put politics aside. Fortunately, most animal lovers are good, compassionate people, and that is the tie that binds us. I have no idea about Dr. Schroth's politics; I only know that what she is doing merits our support.


roadgurl5 said...

This is simply great! I hadn't thought about the effects on pets whose owners are really strapped, although I personally know of the increased costs of pet needs (along with everything else!). I've stumbled this to help spread the word. Excellent info for our four-legged friends. BTW, Katie and Samantha are adorable!

Bird said...

Just come over here from Roadgurl5's blog :)

This kind of initiative is so important, I used to take my cat to a local animal hospital which gave free treatment for those with low/no income. We paid for our cats treatment which would then subsidise treatment for an old lady's cat or dog or bird, or would help out someone who was poor and had just rescued a stray animal for instance. You could see what a big difference it made. There are people out there who will go without food to pay for a pets treatment, so places like this are helping people and animals both.

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