March 19, 2009

Thursday Ramblings

My husband is home today working on an assignment for grad school and doing laundry so he can pack for a business trip. He needed help getting chocolate out of a pair of socks. Wouldn't it would be easier for a middle-aged man to get chocolate out of his socks than to get chocolate on them? How does that happen?

His morning routine involves listening to local radio while getting showered and dressed. That happened later in the day today, at a time when the local station carries (cringe) Rush Limbaugh. Rush was picking apart the President's ESPN appearance in excruciating detail. It takes a lot of hatred to obsess about something like that to such an extreme. Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh: who gives a rat's ass? They're not relevant anymore.

I got a job. Can you believe that?

For some of us, life has an interesting way of changing our perspective. Four years ago, I was an Associate Director in charge of technical support for a major administrative unit at a large university. The money was damn good for someone with a BS in Social Science. Then I got sick--too sick to work.

I had good insurance, but the doctors had nothing to offer but drugs and platitudes, both of which were more harmful than helpful. I'm better now, thanks to medical people who refuse to succumb to the AMA and Big Pharma Borg. I still have a big medical bill with the local Borg clinic and monthly expenses for "alternative" care that is not covered by insurance. And we are struggling financially. So, I started looking for work.

Part-time is all I can manage. I found an office job that seems well suited to my needs and abilities. It was such a fluke; there are so few jobs available and most are too physically demanding. I had to negotiate to get the pay up to $10 an hour. I'll bring home one-tenth the take-home pay of my last job. And I feel very fortunate to have it.

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