April 21, 2009

This and That: What's On My Mind

Life has been a bit crazy lately and I'm way overdue for a post. This will be a short one, but I have a few things on my mind:
  • I discovered a great song today: Hero In Me (You Tube video) by Jeffrey Gaines. Gaines is a serious, thoughtful artist, and these lyrics blow me away.

  • Speaking of finding the hero inside, I wonder if Dick Cheney ever had any hero in him. What an ass that man is. It turned my stomach to hear him say today that Al Qaeda was a "little known" organization prior to 9/11. Little known to him perhaps, but not to others, especially not to those who tried so hard to get a message through to people like Cheney who were too damned full of themselves to care. Oh, don't get me started.

  • I'm reading an intriguing book called Jesus Against Christianity by Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer. He quotes Marcus Borg in saying that Christianity, especially in the US, is "massively idolatrous." I couldn't agree more.

  • It's not just American Christianity that has gone horribly awry, the whole self-centered consumer culture has been unhealthy and unsustainable for a long time (maybe since the first Europeans set up shop on this continent--check out We Shall Remain on PBS). I recently listened to a series of lectures by Derek Jensen. He's another author/speaker who turns tradition on its head, and he does it with humor and smart social commentary. Unfortunately, Derek believes that anarchy and massive social destruction are the answer. In this case, I could not disagree more. From where I sit, we sure as hell don't need more suffering and chaos.
Till next time, peace . . . .

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