August 4, 2009

The Right Is Scaring Me

. . . but not in the way they hope. I mean, crazy stuff is happening. Check this out:

The Obama Birthplace Memorial Challenge

These people are fooling somebody--a lot of somebodies--even some people I know. (If you're one of them, please read this from

WTF is going to happen with all these crazies who are disrupting town hall meetings on health care reform? One caller to a radio show suggested today that citizens may need to resort to violence in order to reclaim the freedom to attend these forums without disruption from lunatics.

Actually, many of them are not lunatics. They may not even believe the crap they spout. The are intentionally trying to rob citizens of their right to be informed and be heard. They are quite purposeful in the use of anti-democratic tactics to further an extremist agenda.

What scares me is, where will it end? Some citizens aren't willing to give up what remains of this democratic republic without a fight. We used to be pissed at Bush. Now that he's gone, has the battle simply moved closer to the streets?

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