September 12, 2009

But "Tea Party" Sounds So Harmless

Today's "Tea Party" in Washington, DC, was sponsored in part by NARLO, The National Association of Rural Landowners. If you are a citizen of the US, you need to know about NARLO and their involvement in the Tea Party movement.

This is from their home page:

Has just begun. Join it or buy a gun,
because you are going to need it!

Here is one of their videos: The Coming Civil War.

They use the rhetoric we are all so used to by now:
  • Obama is a socialist.
  • The country is overrun by "illegal aliens" who are going to get free health care and amnesty.
  • Global climate change is a "fraud."
And some we have not yet heard much about:
  • The government is mandating indoctrination into socialism, multiculturalism, and the one-world-order in our schools.
  • It's time to put a stop to the "producers" paying for and supporting the "nonproducers" in this country.
  • The government is lying when it claims this is a democracy.
That's RIGHT! According to NARLO, this is NOT a democracy, not even a democratic republic. They demand that the government "return to a Constitutional Republic" that protects not the rights of citizens but "the rights of states."

Their solution:
  • Citizens must rise up against national health care, cap and trade, environmental protections, and all other evils of this socialist government.
  • Citizens must warn the President and Congress that if the government does not comply with their demands, the result will be disorder and cessation in accordance with the 10th Amendment.
  • They are willing to be civil for now, but that willingness will come to an end if their demands are not met.
  • This will eventually lead to civil war in America "that will tear out it's very heart."
"Rest assured," they say, "the coming Civil War will not be like the Civil War of 1861." They warn of mass vigilante violence against individuals, the government, immigrants, and revolts of every sort leading to devastating economic collapse.

These people are serious about destroying America--every bit as serious as Al Qaeda, and they are a hell of a lot closer to home.

Sadly, they are gaining support among the politically naive who have no idea what they are getting into. Groups like this, along with the Republican Party, are manipulating worried, gullible people into joining "the movement."

The leadership of the GOP, television commentators like Glenn Beck, and radio radicals like Limbaugh know exactly what they are doing. I wonder how long they plan to play this dangerous game. They are fooling themselves if they think they can control the mobs they are creating. What they are doing is so irresponsible, so outrageous, so . . . well, you can come up with your own adjectives; there are so many that fit.


Here are a few pictures with commentary from someone who actually went to today's rally: Teabaggers love their signs, from The D.C. Universe. He's taking all of this much better than I am.

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