November 18, 2009

Good Medicine

I called in sick today. A virus and the rainy weather had given me an overwhelming need to sleep. I turned on CSPAN Senate coverage to watch for a few minutes. CSPAN is wonderful: it has no commercials. I quickly fell into a deep sleep and woke hours later, in the afternoon, to Sen. Bernie Sanders speaking passionately about the need to expand Medicare to everyone. I love that guy.

I got up to let the dogs out and fix a cup of soup. When the soup was done and the dogs back in, I sat on the sofa to watch more CSPAN. Samantha plopped herself down at my feet. The timing was impeccable, as the Senate was about to adjourn for a time. CSPAN plays great chamber music when nothing else is happening.

When the music began, it was a little loud. I looked down to see if it disturbed Samantha. She lifted her head and looked at the TV. There was nothing on the screen but text and the occasional Senate staffer walking across the Chamber. She watched intently, occasionally lifting her ears and tilting her head to study the screen more carefully. The last time I’d seen her watch TV so attentively, I was watching Winged Migration. I marveled at what could possibly be so interesting to her about Senate down time.

After a few minutes, Samantha took an interest in the sound of the spoon reaching the bottom of my soup cup. She sat up to stare at me as I finished the soup. I shared a carrot and a couple small bits of beef then got up to rinse the cup. When I came back, we snuggled under a soft blanket. I melted into the warmth and the music, so grateful to enjoy a rare bit of heaven on a cold, dark afternoon. Now, that's good medicine.

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