April 20, 2010

The McVeigh Tapes

I watched The McVeigh Tapes on MSNBC last night. The documentary is fascinating & disturbing from many perspectives. I found myself working hard to understand McVeigh. As someone with PTSD, I understand some of the thoughts and feelings he described, but I cannot wrap my mind around the extreme numbness that engulfed him.

The ultimate irony is that he became what he himself hated. As clever as he was--and he was very, very clever--that brutal fact escaped him.

The documentary is well worth watching: MSNBC Video

Commentary & info:
Yahoo! News: In never-before-aired tapes, McVeigh tells families: 'Get over it'
Washington Post: Hank Stuever reviews MSNBC's 'McVeigh Tapes'
New York Times: A Terrorist, Plain-Spoken and Cold

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