March 24, 2008

That's What I'm Talkin' About. . . .

I came across a very popular blog called The Axis of Stevil, by a talented guy named Steve, who also owns The Stevil Empire (so clever--so profoundly appropo). He calls himself a "neocon" but doesn't fit into a neat stereotypical box. That, at least, makes him an interesting person.

Steve doesn't like Obama, doesn't want change, and called me a "whack job." He says, "You see, under the current system, there is freedom and justice." Now, that cuts right to the core of the matter, doesn't it? Some people live in an America with freedom and justice for all, and some live in an America with freedom and justice only for the lucky and the privileged.

Here's the post, followed by dialog with me and others.

The Obama Speech; America Misses The Point

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