March 24, 2008

A Whole New Christianity

"Postmodernism is a change-or-be-changed world. The word is out: Reinvent yourself for the 21st century or die! Some would rather die than change." -Leonard Sweet, cultural historian.

Leonard Sweet is a futurist and leader in a movement called "The Emerging Church." This is not your mother's church. This heady stuff will give your brain a real workout, so dive in, if you dare. The following statements are excerpted from the introduction to his free online book, Quantum Spirituality:

Large segments of the Christian community . . . are in retreat, having disconnected from the
unprecedented, restructuring changes taking place all around them. The Christian mind is failing to comprehend the times, our times. This book aims to jolt Christians into a sense of their own time, out of their fashionable out-of-itness. For the God who exists beyond time is the God who lives, moves, and has being in this time.

If you are looking for a conventional, calculated treatment of topics related to spirituality, please pick up any number of good books racked together with this one on library stacks. “If you are going to understand anything as strange as quantum mechanics,” looking-glass physicist/philosopher David Bohm has remarked, “you have to be ready to consider some strange ideas.” The late physicist/mountain climber Heinz R. Pagels calls the current state of reality “quantum weirdness.” The modern mind will find in this book some weird notions and nervy possibilities.

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