January 17, 2009

Apologies to the Blog-o-Sphere

I've committed the unforgivable blogger sin: I stopped blogging. I didn't mean to do it. It just happened.

Oh, there are plenty of reasons for it:
  • I had so many thoughts and ideas spinning in my head that I couldn't sort them out. Things happen so fast. There was the election, the GOP meltdown, the economy, wars and terrorist attacks, a psycho-Elvis-wanna-be Governor, healthcare issues, the often sorry state of "modern" medicine, etc.
  • I haven't felt well in recent weeks. (That's code for 'barely functional.')
  • The holidays . . . busy trying to make gifts.
  • I started a new blog project, TraumaBody. For a couple of weeks, that's all I did. Then I crashed. Productivity comes in spurts. My passion for the project is so huge that it wears me out.
  • Lots of ISP and power outages in this cursed cold and icy winter.
  • All else was failing, so I got wrapped up in bead weaving. I love bead weaving. Aside from being relaxing and gratifying, it's probably a waste of time. Not much return on investment. (Could I sell you a bracelet?)
  • And so it goes . . . .
Anyway, at least one prominent blogger has removed my blog from her blog roll. It doesn't take much to lose ground in this environment. I'm surprised anyone still has me on their blog roll. To those of you who do, it feels like an act of downright kindness that you've kept me on. Thanks--I needed that. I really needed that.

I just keep doing what I can as best I can. The chips will fall where they may.


Angel's Mom said...

I always look forward to reading your posts -- whenever that may be. You are always interesting and eloquent and honest in your writing. I don't wear bracelets but keep making them for their therapeutic value -- if for no other reason. You can always dismantle them and remake them to save on materials. 2009 will be better than these past 8 years because we are getting a huge upgrade for President of the United States. Hooray!

1-Observer said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement. Having a few regular readers makes it worthwhile.

jaxx said...

i'm so glad you're blogging again, though i am 100% with you on how hard it is to keep up, especially when you've got a life full of other responsibilities.

(i hope i am not the "prominent blogger" who removed you from their blogroll! i am not a prominent blogger at all -- but i'll happily reinstate you now that you're back at it. every so often i go through and check, and i do cull blogs that seem inactive. this is something that darren rowse at problogger (talk about prominent!) recommends that all bloggers do.

happy new year!

1-Observer said...

Hey, Jaxx, glad you stopped by! I'm a fan of Darren, too, so I understand. It really is the nature of the environment, so I wasn't surprised when I disappeared from blog rolls after extended inactivity. Gotta go check your blog now, since today is our Day of Deliverance.

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