January 19, 2009

OMG: He's Almost Gone

I can remember day after day, week after week, month after month wondering if this day would ever come, wondering how much more damage he would do before going.

Only a few hours left. I'm nervous. I have to remember to breathe. Will we make it without incident? What will it feel like when he is finally and forever gone? It's still hard to believe he and his friends held this country hostage for eight horrible years. I remember when he moved into the White House and we learned that the Clinton folks had shamelessly trashed the place. It was shocking then, but it was merely an omen of things to come: the new residents would trash our nation, our reputation, and our Constitution, leaving a mess we would never have imagined eight years ago.

So, in a few hours, let us breathe a collective sigh of relief. At long last the White House will be occupied by a man, a family, and an administration worthy of our admiration and respect, in whom we may dare to have confidence. They reflect the very best of America. Let us take pride in who we are and have hope for what we may yet become.


manymeez said...

I know!!! I'm feelin' it with you!!! I'm so excited!!!

earthtoholly said...

I agree totally. It is so very exciting and hopeful...finally honesty and good intention in the White House. Yay!

Angel's Mom said...

FINALLY, GW can't do anymore damage. What an incompetent president he was. GOOOOD RIDDANCE.
Sanity has returned to the White House. Now if we can just last until insanity is removed from the State of Illinois....

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