January 20, 2009

A Few Notes On The Inauguration

High Points:
  • Sasha and Malia walking through the Capitol toward the inauguration. (My eyes got watery.)
  • Barack Obama appearing on the jumbotron as he walked toward the ceremony, causing the masses on the Mall to erupt in a sea of excitement as they waved their hand-held flags high in the air. (Tears came rolling down my face.)
  • When Barack Obama said, ". . . so help me God." (A few more tears.)
  • Seeing troops in Bagdad listening to President Obama's address.
  • Hearing words to our nation: "The time has come to set aside childish things."
  • Hearing words to leaders of other nations: "Your people will judge you by what you build, not by what you destroy."
  • The benediction--delightful.
  • Itzak and Yo-Yo--a little bit of heaven.
Low Points:
  • Rick Warren. I thought he'd surely rise to this occasion, but he did not. He had a Bible full of appropriate scriptures, and he chose a divisive one. His message was narrow and non-inclusive.
  • Sadly, the health problems of Senators Byrd and Kennedy during the post-inaugural luncheon.
Silliest Sight:
  • Bush 41 wearing a goofy fur hat and looking utterly lost during the benediction. I'm sure he was . . . .
Most Fun:
  • Waving bye at my TV screen as Executive One lifted the Bush family up, up, and away.
  • Hearing the roar of the crowds singing "Nah nah / nah nah nah nah / Hey, hey, hey / Gooood Bye!" as the Bush helicopter circled above them.
  • Chris Matthews of MSNBC. Love that guy. His best observation: the great metaphor of Dick Cheney in a wheelchair as power passed to Obama.
Most Grounding:
  • My dogs snoring through the whole pompous affair.

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