May 25, 2008

Obama Stands to Gain from Conservative Divide

Earlier today, former congressman and disaffected conservative Republican, Bob Barr, won the Libertarian Party nomination for President in 2008. A large percentage--perhaps as many as a half--of the delegates at the Libertarian convention opposed Barr's nomination, viewing him as nothing more than a Neocon wolf who is co-opted the party for his own self-interest. Some have vowed to leave the Party.

Barr's supporters are energized by the strong likelihood that he will win large numbers of conservative voters who dislike John McCain. There is no doubt that Barr will be a strong candidate, possibly much stronger than McCain. I wonder who will be the spoiler for whom; Barr for McCain or McCain for Barr. Either way, it's bound to be an even bigger win for the Democrats, provided Barr and the Libertarians are on the ballot in enough important states.

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