July 4, 2008

Proud to be (Politically) Incorrect

The author of Republican Ranting prominently displays the following on his site:
This blog is highly politically incorrect (i.e.: you're fat, not "big boned"). If you don't like Republicans, you probably don't want to read this blog - so beware. Now, you can't sue me for mental damages and give 99% of your $3 million settlement to your greedy lawyer (i.e.: Geoffrey Fieger) - leaving you with $30,000.
I encourage you to communicate with The Ranter, but be aware that some of the stuff on the site serves as a painful reminder of how inhumane and ugly some of us can be. For example, in a recent post, the blogger favors the death penalty in the tragic case of a 14-year-old girl who caused the death of her newborn child. (For more commentary on that, see Get Angry With Me--and you will get angry.)

Today's Republican Rant is a tribute to those who serve in the United States military, a noble and worthy sentiment. Through my own driving sense of patriotism and civic responsibility, I was compelled to make the post below. I value charity and civility, but certain situations call for a straight shot; and in certain situations, I'm pleased to oblige.
Fat Citizen Patriot Says:
July 4, 2008 at 7:40 PM

Hope you had a great Fourth.

Wow! Glad I found your site. I LOVE straight talk. I’m one of those who is not “big boned;” I’m fat. And you are not “politically incorrect;” you’re a good, old-fashioned ignorant jerk.

How about a straight-talking debate on the subject of obesity? That would be fab! Bring it on! If feelings get hurt, I guarantee you they won’t be mine. But never mind that; let’s spend our energy on something far more important than your lack of information about obesity. (Hey, don’t feel bad: John McCain’s plan to fight obesity is to have athletes give presentations to school children. It’s hard to beat that for profound and shameful ignorance.)

Let’s talk about the state of our magnificent Democratic Republic. Are you ready for some dead-serious straight talk about the state of our beloved country? If you care deeply about this country and the principles upon which it was founded, if you have the stomach (a flat, firm, and fabulous stomach, of course) to face the unflinching truth, I challenge you to read the latest work by famed criminal prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.

God bless our troops; their sacrifices are astounding. Many have sacrificed far more than most citizens understand. I wish I could say, “God save them from the treatment they have received and continue to receive under the Bush Administration,” but that’s not God’s job. This government was entrusted to its citizens, and we are responsible for preserving it and holding it to the highest standards.

We damn well better wake up and start acting like informed, responsible citizens. If we don’t, the only place we’ll find freedom and justice is in the rear view mirror.

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