July 5, 2008

Virtues of Blogging: More on Republican Ranting

Blogging is good. Conversations are good; good for people, good for democracy. This is the free press that democracy requires.

The Republican Ranter replied to my post of yesterday and owned up to being a bit pudgy. He also made it clear that he is against the Iraq war and volunteered for Sen. Chuck Hagel (a strong and outspoken Republican opponent of Bush policy) prior to Hagel's retirement. More promising, though, is the fact that he's only 18 years old, and that means his attitudes and political affiliations are still developing. I strongly dislike some of the material on his blog, but he's listening and engaged. For that, I applaud.

The Detroit News printed an article yesterday on the diverse faces of patriotism. Republican Ranting blogger, Nathan Inks, is covered in that article. Now, here is a lesson in the power of blogging. He started the blog a year ago to fulfill a high school assignment. He culls political stories from around the country, cites them, and comments. He has as many as 3,000 hits a day, and his blog is read by members of Congress and the Department of Justice. DOJ notwithstanding (what's that about?), his success is most impressive--and his blog is worth watching.

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