August 29, 2008

McCain Has Cataclysmic Conversion!

OMG! I just heard John McCain explain his reasons for picking Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, and this is not the same McCain we all knew yesterday. Today, he is pro-union, pro-woman, anti-establishment, and against the "failed policies of the past." Not only that, he wants to fight against those who are "privileged," who want to protect their own interests over the interests of every-day Americans. It seems that Obama's glorious speech last night has transformed John McCain from a pro-Bush Washington insider, supporter of the privileged elite and the status quo, to a fire-breathing humanitarian populist. Thank you, Jesus!

Now that we all agree on the proper role of government (well, except for the Libertarians), we can rest assured that the days of the GOC--"Government of the Corporation, by the Corporation, and for the Corporation"--are over and the government of the United States of America will once again be returned to the people to whom it rightfully belongs. I wonder what all those powerful Republican fat cats will have to say about that!? Hmmm.... I did see Kay Bailey Hutchinson interviewed this morning regarding McCain's VP choice, and she looked for all the world like someone who had eaten spoiled sausage for breakfast. I was hoping the reporter would hand her a barf bag before we all had witness something very unpleasant.

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Anonymous said...

the whole thing is practically surreal, isn't it? and scary!

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